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DECEMBER Carnage Drive In/Ride In

Drive In
Dec 13


Event has passed. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Who's running this and why?
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Where is it?
This is an outdoor drive in/ride in and will be held at Genovese Coffee Roasters, Brunswick East. Corner of Nicholson Street and Moreland Road. Entry is via front gate on Moreland Road and only with a valid car pass. See it on Google Maps.

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Yes, it's possibly the most fun Christmas Special this side of crazy and we're super pleased to bring it: two hyper-real experiences separated by 7 years and several generations of star power; two fantastic exponents of 'modern' cult. It's also our last drive-in for 2013!

What more can be said for this unlikely pairing? Last Action Hero is probably the most misunderstood and maligned Schwarzenegger film ever made. It's also his best. Not only was John McTiernan's opus too far ahead of its time, it sports some of the most quotable one-liners to ever grace the silver screen. Things only ramp up when American Psycho takes the volume knob all the way to 11, ensuring your bloodlust remains fulfilled at all times. The knowing winks, the cartoon-like violence... these aren't big and dumb, but the real deal meta precursors to the post-2k, self-aware pics of New Hollywood.

30 car spots only. If you're familiar with our previous outings, you'll know you can fill the car with as many people (or animals) you like. Bikes are welcome too, with 4 cyclists able to ride in on one pass. Deck chairs are available for anyone on two wheels – just let us know. Yet again, Genovese Coffee hosts us at their brilliant location in Brunswick East.

2k, high-definition picture and stereo sound beamed to your FM radio. Gates to the drive-in open at 8pm. Last Action Hero starts at 8.45pm sharp, followed by a quick intermission before American Psycho takes us out. The candy bar opens at 8pm, with fresh popcorn, choc tops, lollies, chocolates, drinks and Genovese coffee to gorge on. It's Pigmas time!

JUST ANNOUNCED. The Coffee Peddlr will finally grace us with his presence, so expect a bit of colour with that coffee. We'll also be doing some amazing DVD giveaways thanks to CINEMA CULT. Fancy a copy of The Killing or The Hidden? To quote Arnie, "Get your ass to Mars".







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