Based at Electron Workshop's drop in cinema space, Valhalla Social Cinema specialises in cult films, quality new releases and lost treasures. Now screening fortnightly in North Melbourne.


The Dirties Matthew Johnson / 2013

Fri 14 Nov

$13. Online registration advised. Limited ticket availability at door (while they last).

Where is it?
At 31 Arden Street North Melbourne. Doors open 7pm, film starts at 8pm.

"Cult" doesn't get much cultier than Matthew Johnson's 2013 debut, The Dirties. Infinitely likeable and assured in its depiction of high-school vengeance, it should be more confronting than the subject matter suggests but comes off as a love letter to every 90s Tarantino-inspired film, tickling pink even the most humorless moviegoer. As social commentary, it works well enough without being heavy-handed. As satire, it succeeds so effortlessly because it takes to its subject with innocence and earnestness.

It's quite brilliant, really. Starring pretty much no-one you know: Matthew Johnson, Krista Madison and Josh Boles.

Presented in 2K and HD audio.

What is a Valhalla screening like? Cosy. Familiar. A bit experimental. Join us and rediscover lost cinema with a big screen, surround sound, deck chairs and a bar serving old-school cinema snacks. We also host the Melbourne cult institution that is the sci-fi movie marathon. Ain't nobody like us.

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Photography by Umkafoto

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