Based at Electron Workshop's drop in cinema space, Valhalla Social Cinema specialises in cult films, quality new releases and lost treasures. Now screening fortnightly in North Melbourne.

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Lost In Translation Sofia Coppola / 2003

Fri 22 Aug


Where is it?
At 31 Arden Street North Melbourne. Doors open 7pm, film starts at 8pm.

A film that received unanimous acclaim on release, Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation (2003) is a time capsule of the best kind. On paper, it's unassuming: two people stuck in Japan quickly become friends amidst the sights and sounds of Tokyo, moving from one amusing/perplexing situation to the next.

On screen, it is an effortless alignment of direction, performance, cinematography and humour that washes over audiences -- something that is never really watched, but experienced and lingered upon days (or even weeks) afterwards. Funny, restrained and observing everything with a wide-eyed innocence, it's also the rarest of glimpses into loneliness and dare we say it, "what real love is".

Starring Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi and Anna Faris.

Presented with more intensity in 2K and HD audio.

What is a Valhalla screening like? Cosy. Familiar. A bit experimental. Join us and rediscover lost cinema with a big screen, surround sound, deck chairs and a bar serving old-school cinema snacks. We also host the Melbourne cult institution that is the sci-fi movie marathon. Ain't nobody like us.

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Photography by Umkafoto

Sat 23 Aug 2014

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Steven Spielberg / 1977

Sat 23 Aug

$13. Online registration advised. Limited ticket availability at door (while they last). SELLING FAST

Where is it?
At 31 Arden Street North Melbourne. Doors open 7pm, film starts at 8pm.

As fresh as the day it was minted, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) preps us for our descent into the sci-fi movie marathon following two weeks later. "CE3K", as it's affectionally referred to by its fans, is the kind of movie Spielberg could have only made with the hunger of a man possessed, devising the next great blockbuster with all the tools available at the time. History says Star Wars stole its thunder, but CE3K has lost none of its potency and is regarded as a more serious and important sci-fi pic of its era.

It's also a freakishly entertaining adventure like the kind you watched as a kid. Painstakingly remastered by Spielberg himself, it has never looked or sounded better. If VHS is the only previous trip you've made into CE3K, it's time to upgrade.

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Teri Garr and Melinda Dillon.

Presented in 2K and HD audio.

Sat 6 Sep 2014

Sci-Fi Marathon 14 Hours / 6 Sep 2014

14 Hrs
Sat 6 Sep

Tickets are $56. Online registration only.

Where is it?
The September sci-fi marathon will be held at our favourite venue, Electron Workshop. Brighter, louder and better than ever. Address is 31 Arden Street, North Melbourne. See it on Google Maps

The sci-fi marathon gets corporation-y and corporeal – even slightly icky – as it gathers four decades of prophetic visions whilst abusing technology for the betterment of mankind. Cashed-up suits in power are one thing, but if we've learned anything in our travels, it's the body that is the most treacherous bastard of all. What's more evil? The wool over one's eyes or the one under the skin?

The candy bar opens 10am (serving popcorn, choc tops, assorted snacks and drinks) and the first film starts at 10.30am. Heated comfort and canvas deck chairs are provided for the entirety of the marathon, with bean bags also available and on a first come, first served basis. We recommend bringing a pillow or two for extra comfort. There are also two major intermissions: a 40 minute lunch break and 1 hour dinner break. Please note: this is a non-alcohol event.

Tickets are $56 and now ON SALE.


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